Thursday, October 27, 2011


Music is a really important part of setting the atmosphere for the holidays.  This week I organized some of our music on itunes and made a Christmas play list.  We also have a bunch of Christmas Cd's that I want Brian to upload for me.

I also purchased Mindy Gledhill's Winter moon through itunes, it is so sweet.  Katie says her voice sounds like a fairy.
Giving:  Music is a gift.  Most years Brian puts together a Christmas mix and gives it out for the holidays.  This year, we hope to be a little more on top of it and send them out earlier.
Gather up all of your holiday music and have it playing in your home.  Help make your family's holiday a little bit more cheery.  If you really enjoy music put together a CD and pass them out to your loved ones.  I bet it will put a smile on their face.
Have a great day!

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